Water is my favourite drink. I drink lots of water.

Water is my favourite drink. I drink lots of water.

– An affirmation for drinking more water.

Water is my favourite drink

When clients ask me for advice about their body, one of the first things I ask in return is how much water they currently drink everyday. Some will mumble about how they know they need to drink more water, others will proclaim, ‘Not enough, I know!’ and some look very sheepish.

Drinking plenty of water is an integral part of creating a healthy foundation for living well.

I try to drink about 3 litres of room temperature filtered water every single day, more if I drink coffee that day. I don’t always manage to and when that happens I always notice a sense of lethargy, especially when one day of not enough water turns into a couple of days. My skin starts to look dull, spots I normally wouldn’t get start appearing, I feel bloated and I just have a sense of yuckyiness.

Really yucky. 

When I’m drinking plenty of water, doing a little exercise, meditating, eating nourishing food, making time for asana practice, I naturally feel better and I believe my outside mirrors my inside.

An easy way for me to keep track of my water consumption is to carry a 1 litre glass bottle with me everywhere I go. To stay on track without resorting to gulping down gallons of water late in the evening to ‘catch up’ (a strategy that does not work for me at all), I need to aim to have emptied my water bottle twice by mid afternoon. That leaves me with the rest of the afternoon and evening to finish 1 more litre. It’s easier for me to track 3 litres in this way instead of the 8 glasses recommendation. I prefer glass bottles even though yes they are heavier because I feel like those are far easier to get squeaky clean than reusable plastic bottles. And I repeat my affirmation to drink more water throughout the day.

We all have a beautiful body, but we need to care for it! I don’t believe there are any shortcuts but this is one of the easiest things we can do to keep our bodies feeling beautiful and reflecting that on the outside. 

So tell me, when was the last time you had a drink of water today?